The Square Peg

Your business is a SQUARE PEG.

Marketing services typically offer only ROUND HOLE solutions.  They create the illusion of choice by presenting three options - Plan A, B or C.  Your budget really determines which plan you will choose for your business.

Your SQUARE PEG gets forced into one of their ROUND HOLES.  They hardly know anything about your company or it's unique needs.  It doesn't really matter to them.  If you don't buy Plan A, B or C, they will find another company that will.  It's a production line system.

We deliver our marketing services VERY differently.  There are no pre-determined ROUND HOLE solutions. We provide highly customized packages that are just the right fit for SQUARE PEG businesses.  We get to know your business first, ask a lot of questions, then design a solution that will fit within the budget and deliver RESULTS.

Whether your company needs just a little help in a specific area, or a complete makeover and comprehensive digital marketing solution, we can help.


Start with the right strategy.  Add a plan to make it happen.  The desired results will follow without fail.

It's very simple.  Smart digital marketing works.  Email or call us today.

Josh Rommer, Owner

Next Steps...

We would love to learn more about your business.  If you are ready to add a custom digital marketing solution for your company, let us know how you would like to be contacted.